General Financial Information 2018-2019

General Financial Information


Education Fees*

Fee(s) due at the time of registration/re-enrollment:

Registration fee:                        350,000 HUF per student

Tuition fees (does NOT include registration/re-enrollment fee):

Preschool                                 1,435,000 HUF per student (see schedule)

Preparatory 1                          2,630,000 HUF per student (see schedule)

Grades 1 - 6                             3,385,000 HUF per student (see schedule)

Grades 7 - 8                             3,690,000 HUF per student (see schedule)

Grades 9 - 10                           3,890,000 HUF per student (see schedule)

Grades 11 - 12                         3,985,000 HUF per student (see schedule)


Payment Schedule 2018-2019


* Fees include: registration, tuition, books, most field trips, any school wide testing when applicable

* Fees do not include: English as an Additional Language (EAL) program fees, lunch, school uniform, after-school clubs, participation fees at sporting events, special events and outings, TOEFL and AP tests, extracurricular fees



·       The registration fee (350,000 HUF) is due during the registration process which is non-refundable after May 31, 2018.  200,000 HUF discount off registration fees will be applied to each additional sibling.

·        Registration fees are charged yearly. 

·       20% discount off Tuition #1 and Tuition #2 will be applied to siblings from the same self paying families. This discount does not apply to corporate or government paid students.

·       Parents must sign an “Educational Service Contract” during the registration process. This contract is valid until termination. Prices will be reviewed and communicated annually.

·       Tuition and EAL program fees will be charged twice a year.

·       Lunch charges are billed quarterly and are payable in Hungarian forints in advance.  

·       Students entering during the school year are required to pay the full registration fee, and the prorated amount of the tuition fee.

·       If a student is withdrawn from school during the school year, one month’s tuition fee will be charged on the top of the prorated amount of the tuition fee.

·       All outstanding accounts must be paid by the due dates. Overdue balances occurring 30 days after the due date may result in late interest charges and the student being restricted from classroom participation. No report cards or other school records will be released until all balances are paid.

·       All fees may be paid via bank transfer or in cash at the school’s business office.

·       Please refer to the School’s Student Manual for other finance-related policies.