Admission Portal User Guide

Dear Parents and Applicants,

Please refer to the following User Guide for help.

Navigating OpenApply

From the Dashboard you can access key information along with the many features of OpenApply.

Contacting GGIS Admissions

The Messages section allows you to communicate with the admissions staff throughout the admissions process. All messages will appear in this section with the most recent correspondence populating at the bottom.

Family Information

1.  The Family Information section lists your details on the left with a map of your address on the right.

2. Switching between children is easy and can be done beneath the Family Information section. Here you will see a list of all your children where you can simply click on the desired child to navigate to their profile.

3. By clicking the Add New Applicant button, you can begin an application for an additional child. Family information that is currently on file will be automatically entered into the application form.  

Student Details

1. Applicant details can be seen in the Personal Information tab while parent information can be viewed under Family Information.

2. Under the Activities section you can find Enrollment notifications and Invoice Reminders. You can pay the invoice online if your school offers a credit card option.

3. You can view Tours, Interviews under the Upcoming Events section.

4.By clicking on the Applicant Dropdown on the top left you can choose a different child's details to view.

Application Checklist - required forms and documents

The Application Checklist section displays the school's requested items you have and have not completed for the admissions process. Once a checklist item is completed, it will be crossed-off and identified by a green check-mark.

1. The Hide Completed button allows you to remove completed items from your view so you can focus on the items remaining.

2. The Edit icon next to a form indicates that a completed form is available for editing.

3. The Review icon allows you to review your answers on a submitted form.

Within the Required Documents section you can view files uploaded to the checklist or within a form or upload additional files to your child's profile. You can also view a list of files previously uploaded by yourself, a family member, or the admissions staff.