Applicant Visit Day at GGIS

We welcome applicants to arrange for a day-long student visit, if desired.

Scheduling a visit day: The Application Form and Parental Permission Form is required for day visits. We kindly ask you to submit the Application Form, and write a message that you would like to visit GGIS. We will send you the Parental Permission Form upon request. We will confirm the scheduled visit day.

Arrival at GGIS: Student visitors should arrive to GGIS by 8:10 a.m.

Dress Code at GGIS: Visitors are encouraged to dress as GGIS students. This means a white dress shirt, dark sweater, dark slacks for boys, dark skirt for girls, and dress shoes.  

What should I bring on a visit day? Some snack and drink, lunch, and a change of clothes for gym (t-shirt, shorts, sneakers, sweatshirt). Also bring a notebook and a book (for those rare classes when your host will have a test).

Pick-up from GGIS:  Pick-up is at 3:15 p.m.